SUwanee Georgia

Yarn Swirlettes

If you are tired of your yarn rolling to the floor, getting tangled on your recliner or rolling away  only to find pet hair and other debris in your yarn then the "Yarn Swirlette' is for you"!  This one of a kind  Swirlette keeps your yarn turning consistently in a safe position while knitting or crocheting. Any center pull skein, cake or ball will fit on the Swirlette. ( using the outer pull thread to work your project) The Swirlette accommodates all  yarns from lace weight to chunky.

  Each Yarn Swirlette is hand turned in the US, made from natural wood, and hand assembled with a lazy susan mechanism  between the two bases. Each one is unique, and original.  We do not use stain. Each piece is hand rubbed with a tung oil finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and is made to last a lifetime. Each piece is numbered  and has the Yarn Swirlette name on the bottom. The bottom also has clear, no slip grips attached to keep your piece from sliding off the table.